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Hi and Welcome to Legends Podcast Here we discuss Entertainment Legends, and Legendary entertainment. Cult, Classic, New, Old, Original, Sequels, Reboot, Remake, web, TV and more, for better or worse. Come and meet Beef, Lobster , Rum Daddy, and many other special guest as we comment on our favorite entertainment.

Sep 1, 2010

This episode takes us to Not The Enterprise 3120 or, the NSEA Protector as we visit the Thermians in Galaxy Quest. We agree that Fred Kwan is possibly high, we discuss the ever growing chest of Gwen DeMarco and the incompetency of the Thermians to use their own devices. Hear us debate the movie from the point of view of a moderate Star Trek fan and a non-fan. Guest who’s who. We have also started to thank listeners that are following us since the beginning of our Legendary route!

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