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Hi and Welcome to Legends Podcast Here we discuss Entertainment Legends, and Legendary entertainment. Cult, Classic, New, Old, Original, Sequels, Reboot, Remake, web, TV and more, for better or worse. Come and meet Beef, Lobster , Rum Daddy, and many other special guest as we comment on our favorite entertainment.

Aug 3, 2023

We’re starting the month in style with our wildest Aug-Heist pick yet! When a group of seafaring thieves set out to rob a luxury ocean liner, they find a mysterious monster has beaten them to the punch - and they’re about to be eaten for lunch! Starring Treat Williams, Famke Janssen, Wes Studi, Kevin J. O’Connor, and Anthony Heald, this heist-slash-disaster-slash-monster movie genre mash-up was written and directed by The Mummy’s Stephen Sommers. Released in January 1998, the film sank like a stone at the box office in the wake of that dramatic dreadnought, Titanic. Now we’re kicking off Aug-Heist with a deep dive into Deep Rising!


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