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Hi and Welcome to Legends Podcast Here we discuss Entertainment Legends, and Legendary entertainment. Cult, Classic, New, Old, Original, Sequels, Reboot, Remake, web, TV and more, for better or worse. Come and meet Beef, Lobster , Rum Daddy, and many other special guest as we comment on our favorite entertainment.

Mar 31, 2021

Four years after its original release, the fifth film of the DCEU is back on screens courtesy of HBO Max. Zack Snyder’s Justice League, however, presents an almost entirely different vision from Joss Whedon’s theatrical version, and is the direct result of the unholy alliance between a troubled production, a rabid fanbase, and a streaming service hungry for buzz-worthy content. Adding $70 million to the original film’s $300 million budget for all-new visual effects and new footage - as well as the restoration of Henry Cavill’s upper lip - and clocking in at over four hours, the “Snyder Cut'’ is certainly more… but is it better?


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